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The Flower Farm

Welcome to Hummingbird Acres, nestled in the serene mountains of Tehachapi. Owned by Doug and Diane, a devoted local couple, our flower farm is dedicated to sharing the beauty of nature. With a wide variety of blooms cultivated with care, we offer a unique way to bring color and joy into your homes. Dive into the world of flowers with our weekly bouquet subscription, meticulously designed to surprise and delight you with fresh, seasonal flowers every week. Every Saturday, these bouquets are ready for pick-up, each one freshly picked and brimming with life. For those who crave a deeper connection with nature, we also offer special days where you can stroll through our fields and pick your own bouquets. At Hummingbird Acres, it's not just about flowers—it's about fostering community, creating connections, and celebrating the simple joys of nature. Join us, and let's make every day brighter with the beauty of flowers.